No Water. No Farmer. No Food. is a documentary film exposing how government policies helped create one of the worst droughts in recent history. It’s the story of what happens when government fails to do its’ job and allows environmental idealism to manipulate our quality of life. No Water. No Farmer. No Food. reveals the real-life consequences radical environmental policies have on small business owners, rural communities, and the nation’s food supply.



David Spady offers a unique insight into life in rural America. No Water. No Farmer. No Food. reveals the extent to which both rural and urban populations rely on the nation’s agricultural industry. California’s water crisis is not simply a fight between farmers and fish over access to water. In reality it’s a fight between radical environmentalists and consumers of food.

Spady is the grandson of a Canadian farming family, who was raised in rural Montana, and grew up with an appreciation for the rural American way of life and outdoor world. He spent many childhood summers working on farms and ranches and through that experience gained an understanding of the important role agriculture plays in American lives.

Spady’s professional career has involved politics, government relations, and media. Through his work combating environmental extremism, Spady has seen first-hand how misguided government policies strangle small business, dissolve private property rights, and place the interests of wildlife over mankind.

Spady is an avid outdoorsman and common sense conservationist whose passions include fly-fishing, hunting, hiking, riding and numerous outdoor activities. He received a B.A. in Communication from Azusa Pacific University and Masters in National Security Studies at California State University San Bernardino. He has visited 22 countries and currently resides in California.